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Prioritize Daily

It's been a couple of weeks since I've had the opportunity to share thoughts for a new post for a variety of reasons.  While I write pretty much every day some higher priorities have come into line recently.   The conflict in Afghanistan, where if you've read previous posts we have two sons serving requires some attention. 
     In comparison to the earlier defined World Wars, Korea, Vietnam and other conflicts, technology today provides opportunity to actually communicate, live with those we love who are serving.  Yet those opportunities come at a moment's notice and everything else has to be dropped. Given the number of casualties, where they're serving, their jobs, and the threat of continual eminent danger, they come first.  No questions asked.
     Additionally in the past two work days, I've been asked to teach four additional classes at the graduate and undergraduate level.  I relish the opportunity.  Particularly given my distaste for where the U.…

Transformational Servant Leadership Innovation

I was asked this week to post some thoughts on transformational leadership relating to community development and innovation in a forum on Facebook.  That format is a little more limiting and doesn't quite give the opportunity for graphics.  Thus this morning's thoughts for your review and feedback here.

     The graphic on the left is a model of my own making describing one path to individual and organizational change. Although they follow slightly different tracks for academics and consultants/practitioners, Transformational Leadership and Servant Leadershipare closely intertwined with similar meanings. One must certainly say that Servant Leadership is transformational in scope and outcomes.   Both theories and practices are discussed in detail and endorsed (if you will) by such organizational and individual change experts as the late Stephen Covey, Peter Senge, Ken Blanchard and Margaret Wheatley.

     Transformational Leadership as a term was originally used by J.V. D…