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Stepping out on a Mid-term Revolution 2014

In the United States we're three weeks out from a mid-term election, which apparently outside of the special interest groups spending hundreds of millions of dollars to influence the outcome and those who've abandoned their responsibilities in Washington to get re-elected, the rest of country is barely aware of. Unlike Scotland where 90% of the population or more showed out to vote in their recent decision to remain part of the UK.
     In a democracy, the entire registered population has a right and a responsibility, to elect (hopefully) intelligent, honest, passionate, and empathetic women and men who will go into government to serve the interests of the country.  To understand the value of compromise and have a vision of the future that is equitable, sustainable and different from both the past and present. Without looking it up, I believe less than 10% of Americans approve of the work the congress and the president haven't done over the past two years, let alone …