Stepping out on a Mid-term Revolution 2014

     In the United States we're three weeks out from a mid-term election, which apparently outside of the special interest groups spending hundreds of millions of dollars to influence the outcome and those who've abandoned their responsibilities in Washington to get re-elected, the rest of country is barely aware of. Unlike Scotland where 90% of the population or more showed out to vote in their recent decision to remain part of the UK.
     In a democracy, the entire registered population has a right and a responsibility, to elect (hopefully) intelligent, honest, passionate, and empathetic women and men who will go into government to serve the interests of the country.  To understand the value of compromise and have a vision of the future that is equitable, sustainable and different from both the past and present. Without looking it up, I believe less than 10% of Americans approve of the work the congress and the president haven't done over the past two years, let alone four years in particular.  Unfortunately, that's probably about the percentage that will actually go out and vote in next month.

     In over 20 years of community and human development, I know my congressman and state legislators very well and believe them to be honorable men.  I even have signs that appeared this week in my yard supporting them. Yet given global economic instability, the lack of jobs that provide living wages, Ayn Rand economic and social philosophies leading a complete disregard for science, logic, faith and integrity and a complete inability to do anything but hold out hands for more donations from corporations (who are people, while humans don't matter) I've come to a simple conclusion.


     I'm sorry but that includes those who are actually trying to accomplish something and speak truth regardless of consequences. If the person working next to us on the assembly line, or at the office was slacking off and not pulling their weight, we'd not only be on their case, but after this of length time unless they were the owner's nephew, they'd be gone.  We'd call them out personally first, and eventually management outside of Wall Street where that behavior is encouraged as long as you close the deal against the best interest of the customer and the country, might respond.

   So if you live in America and have the right to vote.  I'm calling you out.  I don't care what party you sort of belong to, contribute to or not, where you live, how much money you make or any other demographic that politicians and news agencies are wasting millions of dollars trying to survey before the election.  Do some basic reading (never paying attention to television talking heads who aren't coherent and can't spell half the words they try to use off teleprompters), figure out BEFORE you get to the polls, and then pull a lever.  Or scratch a pen in a circle, square or across the lines depending on your system.  How in this age of technology we all don't have the same instant voting system or can't even login online securely and vote is well, stupid and probably done on purpose by those in control.  Just get yourself to a voting booth and express your opinion.

    And those who don't, better not have anything to say about whatever the next congress does prior to the 2016 presidential election.  Because the only thing those in Washington currently care about is how much money they can make now, what lobbying or consulting job they can take afterwards, and how to stay in this overly paid extremely cushy work 2 days a week job for as long as possible.  After all, they make 5-10 times what we do with lifetime benefits, so there's probably a lot of us who'd do that to if we had enough money to get elected in the first place.  That's the American way in 2014.  It's not what the founders of our nation envisioned in any sense.  After all, legislating and solving the country's problems was their SECOND JOB for the first 100 years we existed.

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