I Have Cried

I have cried
I have cried for days
In sobs and moans shaking the body
Which cannot be stilled
For the hurt and injustice
Humankind inflicts on each other

I have cried
I have cried softly
At the image of pure love
In life, in death
On the screen for a moment
Shortly and sweetly in effort
Water flowing quietly down
One or both cheeks unobserved

I have cried
In deep silent sobs in England
My hand against the walls
Remembering the bombs that fell
During the second big war
And the lives that still remained
Shortened in a moment
While the bricks stood damaged
No roof overhead to provide comfort

I have cried
For my soul I have cried
At the damage I've done
Seeking misanthropic ways
Not mindful of those
Whom I destroyed on the way
And the self-inflicted misery
That weighs upon itself
And deceives the heart and soul

I have cried
With smiles of joy unending
And overwhelming at times
With the birth of each son
For my wife on the aisle
At others' weddings for joy
And at funerals too in the changing
Of life from one gift to the next

I have cried
And know the healing there
Its various depths of time and space
The warmth of the moisture
The cleansing inside
Across the divides bridging
Heart, mind and soul
May I always be able
To be open to cry
I will cry

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