Rebirth of a Magnolia Tree

I do not fear death
Nor should you for me
These days of bytes and bits
There will always be pieces of me
Floating by your computer
In pictures and video
And words I have shared
With you or someone who also
Knew of me in this passing.

But take me to a rebirth
That I may live forever
No stone marker or grave for me
But ashes planted with
A young magnolia tree
In a place that you can find
Whenever it is I come to mind
We come from matter that
Knows not time
Neither created or destroyed
Just changed in shape and form

As the tree feeds off my ashes
I too become the magnolia
When it blossoms
You'll remember times when I was
Blooming, and lovely, and giving
when the leaves fall
You'll remember that I too
Left messes that needed your help
To clean or heal or solve

When the wind blows
Through the branches
You'll hear my voice
In ways that bring you joy
And forever in that
Growing, beautiful and ever changing
Magnolia tree, my spirit
Will wait to see
You again

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