A Visiting Neighbor

A black cat hunted
In my yard today
I've seen him many times
In search of the mice
And chipmunks that reside nearby

He (or she for I do not know)
Gently walked out of the ravine
Up past the cement pond
That waits for purposeful water
And calmly searched the ivy
Before perching upon the
Toddler's picnic table

Calmly and nobly he sits there now
Watching and waiting
Under cool cloudy gray skies
While the newly born birds
Who inhabit the bushes
And trees around us
Call out for their own meals

I think I'm glad our family dog
Is sleeping upstairs
With his brothers
To give this neighbor
His time in our yard

Quickly and quietly now
He steps down from the table
To slide south and then west
Along the brick patio
Some movement in the garden
Has captured his eye
As he stands like
An Egyptian hieroglyph
Leaning forward in anticipation

Slowly he creeps in amongst
The English ivy
Barely visible amidst the foliage
Each step precise and secure
Moving back towards the north
So quiet and careful
With his tail set straight back
As if made of wood

In a flash of stirring bushes
The black takes a pounce
And then he is gone
While the hundreds of birds
In the yard become louder
In quick conversations
Which always exist
When we take time to listen
To their fragrant songs

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