Chicago Bound

     On an overcast Monday we're Chicago bound this morning.  One of the many benefits of living in St. Joseph, Michigan is the access to transportation.  Sitting at the crossroads of I-96 and I-94 in Berrien County on Lake Michigan the cities of Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo in Michigan as well as Chicago are but an hour's drive.   South Bend is only a half an hour.   Besides the two highways the active harbor and port in St. Joseph and the fun of Amtrak are also available, though neither fits today's trip.
     So as I prepare for a day and evening full of meetings with great anticipation for productive meaningful work, enjoy this moment with Colour Club, a group I used to play on the air when I had a jazz show on WHFB AM years ago.

And if you've never seen this project by Status Creative shot in downtown Grand that's approaching 5 million views on YouTube, here's your chance.
Happy Monday.


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