Kyrie: A-Z Blogging Challenge

     Kyrie was a simple choice for me today.  Those who remember the 80's may recall the two #1 hits for Mr. Mister, Kyrie and Broken Wings.  One of the many benefits of working at LAV-FM 97 in Grand Rapids during that era was getting introduced to a lot music far before, or in many cases that never became popular.  So I was very familiar with their first album I Wear the Face (1984) and loved it before Welcome to the Real World (1985) came out with those two hits.
     Kýrie, eléison very simply means "Lord have mercy".  Their third album Go On (1987) was simply phenomenal for me and in particular the first song below was nominated for a Grammy.  As is the case so often though, musical tastes in the country shifted and the success for band members came from working with other artists rather than their own band.  Interestingly, lead singer Richard Page turned down offers to join Toto and Chicago as their lead vocalists and declined to form Mr. Mister..
Enjoy Thursday's interlude with lyrics that inspire from Mr. Mister.  Both great messages. Kyrie is easily available if you want to hear it again. 

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