Marillion & Metheny: A-Z Blogging Challenge

It's Saturday and I've been serious enough for this week so let's interlude with two of my favorite artists.  One I'll never see in their original incarnation which is Marillion.  The other I've seen live more times than anyone else except Santana: Pat Metheny.
This track in particular is after Fish had left the band and Steve Hogarth came in as lead singer but the spirit is so strong throughout I can't help but be carried away when I hear it:  Easter, heal the pain.  Time for the blind to see.  Easter, surely now, let all of your hearts, go free.

I miss the days of albums that flow from beginning to end without interruption with amazing key or chord changes like most of Marillion's earlier work with Fish.  
As for Pat Metheny, the performance at Fountain Street church in Grand Rapids is indelibly etched in my soul as one of the most amazing concerts I've ever seen. His work continues to be superb and a source of creative energy for me.

Have a glorious weekend friends. I'm digging out some headphones and turning off the telephone. After receiving notice from Aris Hampers that Ambrosia is playing at The Intersection in Grand Rapids on May 4th I may have to pull up Mama Frog just for fun.  Nice - Nice - Very Nice.

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