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     By nature most of the time I am an optimist.  Which is probably why it doesn't bother to spend time watching the news as it does some I know.  "It's so depressing, can we watch something else?".  Having been in a variety of despairs over my near 50 years, as well as some extraordinary opportunities and heights, I know that whatever confronts me today is minimal in comparison to the plight of many on earth, our country, state and even in my community or neighborhood.
     I have a poster in the office.  One of those "successories" kind of things.  It looks like a long par five with sand traps running the entire length of the fairway, water on the left and a dog-leg right.  It's got an Arthur C. Clarke underneath:  "The only way to know the limits of the possible is to go beyond them to the impossible."  I do believe he was right.   From deep within me is a predilection to push the boundaries, stretch the intellect, the vision, the hope and passion to serve others.
     It's not a naive optimism.  One that doesn't understand the difficulties or sometimes seemingly insurmountable odds.  In fact I've been asked to speak at more funerals than anyone else I know who's not a pastor.   When a moment of crisis occurs there is a clear calm within me that simply knows what needs to be done and moves.   Whether that's comforting someone else in loss, or finding resources including others to help discover actionable solutions, now.
     That's also not to say that I haven't had incredible moments of failure, usually tied to an overburdened sense of injustice.   They called it a Jeremiah personality after I took the personality profile ions ago when I worked for First Assembly of God.  2004 and 2010 were particularly difficult years with a string of hard moments combining to overwhelm my spirit.
     Yet I know where my strength comes from.  Where the determination to overcome and persistence in growth and resolve lies.   Always be prepared to give an answer for the joy that is on one's heart.  I'll gladly discuss it over coffee if you ask.

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