Saturday & Sunday

   Probably not too surprising that when one follows the trend well-being in the United States there's a decrease Monday through Friday (going back years) and a spike upward Saturday and Sunday.   Memorial day we were 90 degrees here and beautiful, but followed by 50 degrees and cold rain the past two days.  It's a beautiful weekend in Southwest Michigan though with sunshine and 70 degrees in the forecast.  So join Chicago in singing "Will you help him change the world?".   Here's to any day in the park:

Of course Another Park Another Sunday from the Doobie Brothers works quite well for me as well.

May your weekend be one of restoration, hope, peace and joy.


  1. How cool to listen to Chicago! I haven't heard that in a long time. Thanks for the wishes for a weekend of restoration - I could use some - back at you -- visiting from A/Z Challenge -- going to look at more of your stuff --


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