Service: A-Z Blogging Challenge

     A number of years ago I belonged to Lakeshore Rotary.   The growth in my business and service on other boards led me in different directions with limited time so I had to resign. The mentorship from many servant leaders during that period helped shape who I am today, profoundly.
     Rotarians world wide believe in "Service above Self."  So do millions of other human beings who aren't members of any service organization.  Rotary, Lions, Masons and many other networking clubs with higher purposes  have accomplished amazing life change in this world, but struggle in this era with membership growth.

   My sons have grown up watching their father serve in many ways; in church, community; family and more.  My wife and I have rarely had a period during our 23 year marriage that someone we know, going through divorce or some other crisis hasn't lived with us.   There was five years where we essentially had a fourth son whose parents where divorced and those complications left him needing a  place to live.   Although I know many individuals who will chose money over people, I just can't.  I will always choose to put people first, knowing that one way or another the Lord and my back will provide whatever is needed.
   Now at 20 and 22 the older boys offer their service to our country.  The oldest just returned from a year in Iraq and Kuwait, and early this May both are shipping to Afghanistan. Together. The Herald Palladium ran a story about them last Wednesday titled "Bond of Brothers" and the men they have become humbles me.  Not that I want to be in my early 20's again, but they are much finer human beings than I ever was at that age.
   There is no greater gift but that we lay down our lives for another Christ (and others) said.  Laying down our lives to make the world a little easier, a little cleaner, or a little brighter for someone else doesn't mean dying though.  In fact it is really the only reason we exist.  To offer our service, as a living sacrifice to those who enter our circle of influence.   Who have you made a difference for today?
     And as Ian Ruhter so clearly asks in the video below: "If you found something you loved, what would you be willing to sacrifice?"

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter on Vimeo.

Just for proper citing, I came across this video from the On Being blog written by senior editor Trent Gillis and part of the soul opening public radio program by Krista Tippett. Honesty and trust being core to servant leadership.

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