Understanding: A-Z Blogging Challenge

     The more I know the less I understand, which is why I've resolved to admit my ignorance.  If I were to approach our conversation with the knowledge I've gained from being a voracious reader, superb mentors and years of failure and success, my position of "knowing" inhibits me from giving you the attention you deserve.  I can't understand you, because I'm too busy formulating my next demonstration of expertise to really listen.
     You'll know it too, because you can see in the eyes that the listener isn't home at the moment while searching the synapses for an electrical impulse of a connection between previously unconnected neurons.
     The more studying I do in the wide variety of subjects that keep me reading when I should be sleeping or some other menial task, the more I clearly and completely understand that there is more existent knowledge than I can possibly hope to gain in a lifetime. Which is why we're meeting in the first place, because you have experience and understanding I don't, but that I need to create and innovate.
     So if you don't mind, I'll maintain my lack of expertise in anything, and stay in the moment with you so that I can, in the end, understand your paradigm.  As the great Peter Drucker said: "My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions".  And I'm not nearly as smart as Peter was.  Which is fine, because I'm not called to be Peter Drucker.  I'm called to be Jon.
    Now forgive me for having been distracted, but I needed to type some thoughts before they disappeared forever.
   What were you saying?

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