Lovely Day

     The schedule this past week hasn't allowed opportunities to write here (lots of writing elsewhere).  I work better with Pandora playing in the background and understand the science behind that (a post for another day).  Sometimes, like during the Steely Dan story the other day I'll use the database of songs I have, but Pandora provides an interesting mix which gives me opportunities to hear things I don't already own regardless of age.

     After a couple of weeks sans family while they're spread out around the country and in the Middle East it will be nice to have two of them back home next week.  The dogs certainly missed them as well.  So while it's an odd 50 degrees and raining here today as I create multiple PowerPoint lectures to turn into videos (all of which end up at Slideshare and YouTube for the lifelong learner); these two songs came up back to back and were perfect for missing my wife.  Always loved Bill Withers, and this one ranks higher for me than Use Me Up or Lean on Me.

The Sting song which followed was perfect as well.

 Happy Thursday! Which leads me to one more song today that always brings tears to my heart and eyes, from the Robin Williams movie Toys, a film I use in my Organizational Behavior classes.  The song is by Wendy and Lisa with a guest appearance from Seal: The Closing of the Year.

"If I cannot bring you comfort, then at least I bring you hope. 
For nothing is more precious than the time we have at home."

   If absence makes the heart grow fonder, maybe cold rain causes introspection.  I'll choose happiness either way, because it is a choice.


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