The schedule yesterday through the end of the week is rather overwhelming and I've been reminded recently of the vision and majesty of the work by Supertramp.  The big break in the U.S. came with Breakfast in America in 1979, but it's the second release in 1974 Crime of the Century that often finds my headphones more often.
     We'll start with the School which fits so well with Sir Ken Robinson's work.

     Certainly the industrialization of public education from it's inception in the late 1800's has marginalized creativity, innovation, and individualization but there's a great movement afoot changing that. If you haven't seen the Ken Robinson RSA Animate video on Changing Paradigms, it's well worth the time. The results for many in their search for a place on the economic ladder leads us to Rudy. 

     "Rudy thought that all good things comes to those that wait.  
       But recently he could see that it may come too late."


     I also wonder if the combination of these two concepts led to the decay of respect for values, community, and a greater responsibility to society than to self which led to the global economic crisis.  Thus, Crime of the Century.

      To think that Rodger Hodgson and and Rick Davies created this work nearly 30 years ago which is still relevant today makes me miss hearing this level of discussion on musical formats in radio.  Which is probably why talk radio gets more of my time.
      Enjoy the musical interlude as you have time today.  It's a phenomenal album front to back and we don't seem to produce as many of those as we used to. And as Sir Ken states:
"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original."

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