Saturday Dreaming

     The Southwest Michigan sunlight today with a soft breeze coming off Lake Michigan perfectly suggests beach, park, dunes or some other time amidst the wonder that is nature around us.  Most weekend posts for me are musically inclined as a breather from the intensity of the work week.   A little Farkle and Scrabble on Facebook very early this morning (a habit) before writing an unfortunately stern response to an offending professional led to laundry and dishes with a visionary background audio.
     There are some who would call what Paul Hardcastle creates elevator music.  That for me would be an instrumental version of, say The Beatles, which I would immediately shut off.  I want the original artists, not some drippy sax version of a classic.  I'll also listen to Mozart, Metallica, Marillion and Methany when the mood strikes.  Here's the link to Hardcastle's biography if you're interested.  In the meantime I find both his instrumental and vocal work perfect for Saturday visions from a Constellation of Dreams.

No matter life's circumstances, I do Believe in You.

We could certainly use some Summer Rain here.

May you see a Lucky Star.

Have a great weekend :-).

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