My Heart November 6, 2012


Politics are not the solution.  The government at state or local levels are not a solution ever; and I love and voted for Congressman Fred Upton, Al Pscholka and John Proos.  In our community; in YOUR community; YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, YOU are more powerful than politicians..

If you want the government to solve you problems it is a 2-6 year process for them to figure out what we need.

In that time, you can SOLVE YOUR COMMUNITY NEEDS that increases outcomes., saves money, and moves to the head of their initiatives in terms of grant recipients.

Now more than ever, the time to engage, learn, understand and LIFT UP YOUR BROTHER AND SISTER regardless of social or spiritual beliefs different from your own is upon us.

It is the only way we will fulfill that which we have been called to as human beings and children of the LIVING GOD.

I for one, am wiling to serve you regardless of paradigm, status, economic value, or education level.

You are my brother.  You are my sister.  Let us take each other by the hand and do what HE calls us to do.

May our families be healthy and have the resources to do what HE calls us to.

Love, health and peace;


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