Building Belief

     Remember growing up and hearing "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me?"  It's a lie. No time today to look up the research on that, but even in our hearts and souls we know the truth. Which is why in particular I'm  astounded that so many supposed leaders are willing to say things about their opponents, let alone some TV news channels and talk radio hosts who just completely make up
stories and say the most offensive lies possible to meet their personal agendas.  What's worse is folks who believe falsehoods as fact off :10 sound bytes.
    Knowing directly how much impact words have I'd rather find a way to collaborate and plant seeds of hope that build a better future than destroy or cause damage.  I'm not naive: hypocrits, greed, and self-interest are pervasive and dominant in American society but doesn't have to be and isn't everywhere. 
     I just believe we are, and can be, more.  Better.  Builders of belief that creates a future different from today.  If only congress could learn to read.

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