Two weeks ago driving from Midway to Cincinnati I was struck by the variety of music played on Indiana/Ohio radio stations I don't much here anymore.  Nothing against what consultants, computers and algorythms put out today, but I miss the quality and variety of what 70's radio offered listeners.  Content,
compassion, culture, creativity, and cognitive growth.  The ability to listen to songs that not only told a worthy story lyrically but expanded your horizons in chord progressions and changes.  I don't hear much of that coming out of what's produced today, except for the country vein, which to be honest sounds like 70's classic rock to me most of the time. 
     If you haven't seen the movie Act of Valor yet, I'd recommend it.  That along with Restrepo gave me a
little better understanding of what our two older sons went through in the past year in Afghanistan.  I say a little better because they're movies so if we really want to know what others are going through in life, a documentary would be better.  Nothing of course beats the value of direct face to face interaction.  So in today's A-Z challenge I salute both the artists in Country music who remain relevant and inspirational, as well as fun at times.  This cut from Keith Urban always makes me cry but fits. Those of us who haven't served can never fully repay those who have served their Country regardless of whether or not they agreed with political policies.
    Welcome home boys.

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