Finding Ourselves

Saturday morning with gray overcast skies
Steady winds in Pure Southwest Michigan
Weekend Edition feeding awareness in the background
Lists of deadlines swirl in neurons unwritten
As reminders to do, not stresses that harm

The lapdogs run through the mountains of logs
That the electric company felled in hopes
Of protecting their precarious lines
While yapping at the neighbors four times their size
Through the boundary fences of backyards

So many rush through daily agendas
Unfocused on meaning and purpose
As completion becomes the only objective
That quality falls or service substandard
With mediocrity ruling the journey

The children are taught by observation
That activity levels measure success
With no planned moments of nothingness
Time to search internally and find
The purpose and meaning of who we are

Stop! He shouted from keyboards and classrooms
Listen! To nothing but the soul of reflection
Wait! In the moment of existence
Dream! From within, not binding external noise
Discover! Who you are, not what they say

What separates us from the competition
Is the integrity and strength of conviction
Not measured by quarterly bonus or income
But the lives we are able to improve in some way
Which come before us throughout the day

What have we given without compensation
To build up the people who pass by our eyes
The simple small moments which change their day
Willingness to stop the activity agenda
And simply meet one another where we are

There will always be deadlines encroaching on time
And outside oversights impacting the path
Distill the noise that screams all around
Especially from those who seek blame
Then share the peace of visionary roads

For the purpose for all of us
Regardless of standing or heritage
Is the service of others in building of hope
Knowing today is limited by yesterday's failings
But tomorrow exists in finding ourselves


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