Helplessly hoping and Heaven

     Some days the weariness of burdens gets a little too much for a physically and drained spirit.  Aside from prayer and mediation, the closeness of some family members, and a large library of books to read, I've always been drawn to a wide variety of music.  The combination of lyrics, harmonies, and often chord progressions that don't follow the mainstream norm help still me.  I was a little saddened to see that Crosby Stills and Nash only had a couple hundred thousand views in comparison to Alice in Chains 2+ million.

"Stand by the stairway, you'll see something certain to tell you, confusion has it's cost."

"Like the coldest winter chill, heaven beside you . . . "

Those two songs were on my heart tonight, but most often the three artists that bring the most restoration are Steely Dan, Pat Metheny, and Paul Hardcastle.  Pardon me while I punch "play" below and rejuvenate.  Peace be upon you.

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