Lifelong Learning

     The pace of change in an irreversible global economy and continually evolving humanity is wondrous.
Understanding the complexity and intricacy of the connections that exist from every activity and deed we pursue can seem overwhelming.  Understanding the need for those in some fields to continually pursue research and knowledge in their specialty is understandable.  One wouldn't really want advice from a physician who stopped reading in 1990 for example, given the dramatic changes in the database, treatments and outcomes possible now.  Yet while that's an easy example, the same concept applies to all careers and endeavors.  The background and history provide soil with which to plant theory and practice but there are no jobs which don't require lifelong learning in 2013.

     Our ability to network among peers and giants has never been easier.  As someone who grew up with Lp's, 8-Tracks and five television channels I continue to be amazed just looking at the statistics of how many people in numerous countries  read this on a daily basis.  That is the one key to personal growth that stands out. Curiosity and dedicating time to reading, whether online or in print. Well, maybe that's two keys. Certainly one can learn new skills and enhance existing competencies through interaction with cohorts, but reading is a requirement.  A skill that is sadly missing among many, particularly in the U.S. where according to the American Institute for Research barely half of college graduates can read at the bachelor's degree level when they accept their diplomas. If one's looking for a competitive advantage in business or personally to improve employment opportunities, reading diverse subjects both in a specific field and in may what appear to be unrelated topics that hold interest is the difference that leads to innovation and a better tomorrow.  The moment we decide we know it all and stop learning is the precursor to imminent failure.  Consider Howard Gardner below.  Like Daniel Pink and Gary Hamel for me, someone worth paying attention to. 


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