Yesterday turned out to be another 16 hour day which of course was interrupted by the bombings in Boston.  I understand anger, most often for me related to discrimination, injustice, bigotry and individuals or organizations who put self over community.  I can't understand the killing of, well really anyone, let alone innocent bystanders who have done nothing to offend in the first place other than be living.  No matter how angry I may get (and I do on rare occasions) I'm never driven to a point of wanting to hurt anyone.
     If yesterday's act was religious in nature I take some solace in the fact that Christianity unfortunately spent 200 years killing people who thought differently before coming out of puberty.  Well, most Christians. There are certainly segments who claim to be Christian but don't act or live according to it's principles.  So this period of religious intolerance should pass as well for those who haven't grown up yet.
     Of course it's too early in the investigations and no one has claimed responsibility yet and they could be folks who just don't like restricted gun laws or some other change going on in the country as we continue to evolve.  Somewhere along the line we've lost the ability to just communicate with each other in constructive debate that provides solutions.  We certainly don't have to agree on everything, but violence is never an answer. In part because it only creates more violence.

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