Rejection & Restoration

     Most of us have felt rejected at one time or another.  By a potential mate, spouse, friends, jobs we've applied for, coworkers or bosses.  In my case certainly there were times over the decades where my thinking and behavior deserved being fired or turned away. Other occasions though the rejection doesn't have anything to do with us, but the paradigm of those dismissing our opinions or relationship.  Those who've struggled to find meaningful work during the last five years of the current recession know first hand, often applying for hundreds or thousands of jobs with no feedback or even "thank you but we're going in a different direction" after multiple interviews.
     If one doesn't have both spiritual and internal fortitude rejection can easily become a self fulfilling prophecy as the attitude and posture exude "I'm not worthy" where we go. I've never met anyone who wasn't worthy as a human being, in part because I've only come face to face with folks I would consider
"evil" a few times. More often than not, they simply lack the self-esteem and belief in their own abilities.  Certainly there are skills and competencies they may not possess yet, but the ability to learn and grow really never ends unless we choose to stop it.

     We were designed to work together, live together and evolve. My faith in God provides strength to continue progressing regardless of what other humans do to or around me.  Understand that what someone else believes spiritually and theologically makes no difference.  That's their choice, not mine. Mostly it provides a passion to simply accept others where they are today, actively listen regardless of social status or power, and then offer whatever assistance is in my power and assets to help them to restoration, hope and vision.  I found an interesting free download from Rose Bible Charts this morning.  I don't always agree with some of the minute details of their published theology, but this one on the cycles of rejection was insightful. 

     As I used to tell the soon to be fathers in birthing classes at Lakeland, nobody's naming libraries or university buildings after us (though you never know).  The legacy we leave on this earth is our children and how over our own lifetimes we restored those who have been rejected for whatever reason.  In who's life are we going to make a meaningful positive difference today? It's the only purpose that really matters.

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