The Value of Quiet

    The older I become in the frantic pace of much of American society, the more I value moments of quiet.  Of peace.  Of contemplation and restoration.  Knowing that in doing so, I am restored to face whatever may come that differs from the planned vision.  Being open to change knowing there is a greater purpose and calling involved alleviates pressures which lead to blame instead of solutions, doubt instead of action, and fear which turns to hiding or harm.  Peace be upon us all this Sunday, with some left over for Monday.  Just as we don't eat but one meal a week, finding moments of solitude daily is the beginning of global peace.  One person at a time. These quotes below come from my Pinterest boards when I assign time to other creative endeavors.

Take time to be still and KNOW.  "The face in the water looks up.  She shakes her head as if to say that it's the last time you'll look like today." Genesis. Amen to that.

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