When I took 89 in class credits to complete my BA in 9 months and went straight through my
Masters in Organizational Leadership in less than 18 after 20 years of entrepreneurship and community development experience, there were a couple of major thoughts running through my head:
  1. Most students are so involved in their world they have no concept of what's going on outside of their immediate paradigm;
  2. Many college classes and instructors can teach you all about theory but have no idea how it applies or works in the business world (for profit or non-profit);
  3. The academic peer-reviewed journals students are required to read don't converse in ways anybody but PhD academics can understand and apply to life.

      So the recent controversy over the 2010 non-peer reviewed Harvard economists study which has led to governments and central banks instituting austerity measures only making the global economy worse and harming individuals, communities, societies and the businesses that need consumers to spend money didn't surprise me.  I kind of wonder what billionaires paid for it and if these are the same Ivy league folks who created the Vietnam war (if you're familiar with the joke).  I know that's not fair to the majority of academics who strive to and do make a difference with their research.  I just find that there's too much isolation and undisclosed paid for research to support what the buyer needs to make their profit or cut in their tax rates.

     So two videos: one from The Colbert Report that does a phenomenal job of disclosing the BS that's intentionally bad data to prove an economic point that's invalid and has been for more than 100 years.   The second on the lighter side of music.   Happy Thursday.  Trying honesty and integrity really isn't as hard as some leaders make it.

     As I made a client laugh today in discussing their new home purchase: "You can buy any home you want except the White House.  Well, maybe if you were a corporation you actually could, but you're a person so probably not."

   Let's try research that doesn't prove its point before a sentence is typed.

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