Xenogamy, Xenogeny, Xylotomy

     A little fun with the A-to-Z Challenge on the letter X.  Scanning for words that begin with this oft forgotten member of the family these three words are acceptable in Scrabble.  Xenogamy appears to be reserved for human species who don't believe in polygamy or monogamy and want to sleep with a Xen of people (however many that is, it's more than a poly).  Actually it means the cross-pollination from one plant to another.  So maybe my random first thought isn't that far off.

   Xenogeny is what happens after the pollination when one gets spontaneous generation which creates offspring completely different
from their parents.  Having three children who are all far better men than I, this seems completely reasonable. Xylotomy is the preperation of cross sections of wood for microscopic examination.  Which is actually what she's usually doing before the pollination so maybe it should have been the first word.  Draw your own jokes, please.

    Happy Monday friends.


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