Yea, Many American "Christian" Politicians are Really saying "F*^& the Poor".

     Too harsh? After all, the poor don't have Political Action Committees, and an unlike the those living through the Arab Spring, the majority of Americans still believe the myth of the Protestant Work Ethic.  The facts are that we work harder and more hours than any other developed nation and have poorer health, shorter life spans and lower incomes at the same time. 
      A co-worker had the nearsightedness to say to my local manager after I filled in as a morning talk show host discussing hypocrisy that I was a liberal. "People die for lack of knowledge." I discussed legislation introduced in Tennessee where families on  food stamps (maxed at $189 a month) would lose 40% of their benefits if their cold, hungry, under developed children didn't get good grades in school.  Certainly taking away more food from them will give them increased cognitive functions to get all A's, regardless of the treatment they get from family members who've lost food too. 
The legislation was withdrawn after the legislator learned how to read his Bible apparently.

     Two videos today.  If you're offended by curse words and reality, well you're probably not reading here anyway.  The first is a speech from The Newsroom by Michigan actor and investor Jeff Daniels.  Love the man, particularly his heart. I don't know who wrote it, but that team are accurate. I also don't have HBO cause it's not in the budget and I don't have much time for television outside of the occasional documentary.   The second is from Jon Stewart last night.  The first three segments should have been one, rather than split up, and that link will take you to the full show.

    Whether considering a country, a state, a county, a region, our communities, our churches or our families, the FIRST step in solving what ails us and building a better tomorrow for everyone is admitting something's wrong.  I'm praying for that day in America, and not waiting in the meantime to make a positive difference.  I just don't have that much time to waste because "somebody's going to take care of it."

     After all, Washington violates the "love your neighbors as yourself" commandment daily for those who can't donate millions to campaigns.  They (the poor and middle class in America) are not really neighbors anyway, because they could never afford the mortgages.

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