Having just picked up two new undergraduate classes (the nature of adjunct faculty) to lead starting next week on site for a local employer through the community college; and having preached way too hard during the A-to-Z challenge, I'm taking a short cut to end the month.

     I'll admit I'm slightly offended by the Disney portrayal here, but lyric wise I am grateful for the gift of new mornings the Lord gives daily.  Hope  springs. And if we ever meet in person, online or on the phone,  I don't care who you are Don't call me "sir".  

Jon works just fine, because in His eyes we're equal.  Status is something humans often wrongly place. Over 50 years of existence the most important thing I've learned beyond serving others above self is that everyone I meet has something to teach me.  Regardless of what some social BS decides or tries to apply.

    Hypocrisy!  Darn, human again. I've changed my mind.  Dick Van Dyke from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (same era, completely different writer/movie producers) better suits who I am.  Just ask my children, students or youth I've coached.  Nothing matters more.

And here's the Disney that fits the A-to-Z alphabet of the Challenge.

God Bless and Keep you till we converse again, and beyond.

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