Apology? Only if We Earned It.

     Compared to some, I'm old.  Compared to others, I'm young (and occasionally act like it).  That will be a status for all of us the remainder of our days. I'm not prepared to say how many times I sincerely apologize this week, nor how many times folks have called or emailed me beginning with apologies.  Admitting we were wrong when we are is the beginning of leadership and integrity, as equally as granting grace to those who should ask forgiveness.

     In either transaction though the diamond is sincerity.  Too often I have folks apologizing to me that really shouldn't.  Whatever occurred wasn't their fault; was a result of their training; or came about due to external or internal forces neither they nor I had control over.  So while I appreciate sincere apologies if owed,  and I will gladly accept blame to reduce another's stress and cognitive overload; it is the solution I'm really interested in.

     If we've erred, be humble and wise enough to admit it, and resolve it.  If it really wasn't your fault, don't waste others time asking forgiveness.  Address the issue, offer solutions, accept the feedback and GET IT DONE.  It may be unfortunate, but we tend to give more grace for solutions than unnecessary apologies.  Wasting time assigning blame doesn't solve anything and hinders fixing whatever the opportunity may be.  Expressing your opinion of how to get from A to Z profitably is what most of us in leadership are interested in.  The past should be easy to deal with when we're will to admit the nature of self.  The future is what matters, starting now.

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